thousands of earth after the nine major events: immigrant human immigrants second earth

what will happen to the future of our planet? what kind of new era will we enter in the next 1,000 years? maybe the earth will change its name to the capital of the milky way and the planets will succeed in becoming human habitats.then 1000 years later, the earth will be like?

first, the human immortality

if the prevention of human aging is not enough to surprise you, then try to say a few words in the future, science and technology will completely stop human the future, mankind will no longer die.kurzweil believes that humankind will one day live longer, refuting the idea that the goal of life is to accept death.death will be accompanied by the loss of people's talents, relationships and potential, and so far we have not been able to change that.with the improvement of medical technology, at present, human beings are gradually expanding their average life expectancy.with the passage of time nanotechnology will be significantly improved, capable of repairing and storing human organs and biotechnology will probably soon turn biochemical enzymes on or off.for the first time, current medical technology has used this technology to destroy high-density lipoproteins(hdls) in the bloodstream and prevent many diseases such as atherosclerosis.based on the gradual improvement of science and technology, the future of human life expectancy will be significantly the nineteenth century, the average life expectancy of mankind was only 37 years and the life expectancy of mankind in the next 1000 years will be recent years, geriatricians and scientists have found many ways to slow down aging, and kuzwell pointed out how nanotechnology and nano-robots can slow the process of human aging, and nanobots can penetrate and destroy the pathogen, reverses the aging process and modifies dna errors.second, the human mind can be downloaded, the body is no longer the only carrier download human thinking into another carrier, this is the easiest and most likely way, but some forward-looking perspective is thought-provoking.just as many of the science fiction movies describe, it is possible to even human beings and even beasts.according to scientists, according to the current population growth rate, the total population of the earth after 1000 will be about 14 billion.although such projections are unlikely to be accurate, the problem of population growth is real and more people are working to effectively solve the problem.with human population increases, the earth's resources are far from sufficient to meet the huge population of 10 billion, changing the eating habits has become a major the future, the way we learn about nutrients will be similar to the relationship between the sun and plants.with the gradual increase of technology and science and technology, our dependence on the earth's resources will be getting smaller and smaller, which sounds a bit like sci-fi storyline.fifth, the earth crisis will be resolved by technology

in the future, science and technology will be used to solve the energy and environmental crisis.the earth does not become a polluted, overcrowded, wasteland-wide environment that meets our energy needs, gets pure water and fresh air, and transforms more energy through solar energy.sixth, the emergence of dozens or even more of the second earth

whether it is the pressure of the earth's population or the pressure to maintain the earth's ecology, or the future may not be suitable for human beings when living, the second"earth"project of mankind will definitely be the top the circumstances, dozens of alternate places of residence may be, the establishment of friendly alien relations

in the future, human beings may be in contact with other extraterrestrial wisdom and civilization? with the promotion of science and technology, human contact with the aliens time table may not be far away.advanced science and technology will soon ensure that mankind travel further into the outer space, when humans may find other planets and mysteriously out-of-life and may have star wars.eight black holes become interstellar shuttle channel after the next millennium, traffic is also a major problem, especially in the interstellar shuttle, wormhole development for the future will continue to provide cross-regional convenient.nine, the rise of empire empire reverence

in the next millennium, due to different races to join the earth's biological alien civilization will be a competitive relationship, not exclusion of alliances, but this will affect the state system, the imperial aristocracy will rise again.

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