is the vacuum of the universe empty? scientists experiment to prove: the vacuum is not empty!

if i now ask what is your space? you must feel that this is a very nonsensical may feel the space is like a big box with us, with the earth, with the milky way! in fact, the above description of space is more than three hundred years ago, newton's absolute concept of time and space! newton thought that space was there from beginning to end, just like a box filled us, the space was absolutely flat, with nothing but matter and nothing!

so what is the space? perhaps in ordinary people this is a pointless topic.we are like fish living in the water, the water is the space for the fish to exist, but the fish do not usually feel the existence of water! in fact, the problem of space has plagued scientists! in the last century, the scientific community began to generally believe that the universe originated in a big bang.before the big bang, there was no space, no time and no substance! and space was born just after a big bang of 13.8 billion years ago, accelerating its expansion! at this time people understand that the original space is the starting point! space but also an objective phenomenon, but not human fiction!

this problem has been well explained in general theory of relativity.because general relativity holds that space is bendable, a mass-present object must be able to bend the space around it.the greater the mass of the object, the greater the curvature of the surrounding space! people at this time understand that space is not only accelerating but also bending! but scientists still puzzled, space bending in the end is the real existence of only a mathematical model? so a group of scientists in the united states designed an experiment to measure the curvature of the space with a rotating gyroscope! scientists launch extremely precise gyroscopes into the air, making them earth satellites.if the spinning gyro pointer points to the center of the earth, it means that the space is not bent because the earth's presence does not bend the surrounding space! if the high-precision gyroscope is pointing away from the center of the earth, it proves that space curvature is real because the curved space misleads the gyroscope's pointer! nasa carried the gyro in 2004 and finally completed the experiment and showed that space curvature is a real phenomenon! in fact, the latest discovery of contemporary scientists think:space is not the only curved so simple, seemingly empty space, in fact, is full of material! this material is dark matter.scientists believe that if it is not the existence of dark matter, the galaxies in the universe will coalesce together under the action of gravity, precisely because the space is full of dark matter and dark energy, which will accelerate the expansion of space!

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