spring festival weather forecast spring festival is still cold or warm

2018 spring festival cold or warm? the beginning of winter have passed, from new year is not far away.this year's spring festival holiday schedule has been announced, from february 15, 2018 to february 21.what happened to the weather during the spring festival? 2018 spring festival weather will be cold, take a look at it.

2018 spring festival weather forecast

2018 spring festival weather will be cold:2018 spring festival expected to be cold.

the world will have a cold winter due to the global effect of the la nina.if the summer is hotter, the colder the winter will be.from the hot summer of this year, winter should be better than u> shrimp g=moon, and weather experts said the super-el nino phenomenon has ended.la niña effect may have 2018 will have a winter.in the year or two after el nino, la niña has a high probability of occurrence.if the la niña phenomenon appears, my country will be cold in 2017-2018.

2018 why the new year so late

chinese lunar year of the rooster has 384 days because the chinese year of the rooster is a leap year.starting january 28, 2017 and ending on february 15, 2018.so 2018 new year's eve on february 15, 2018.in the solar calendar, the earth revolves around the sun for a return period of 365 days a year, with 366 leap years.however, the traditional lunar calendar in our country is based on the cycle of the moon's absence.it is about 29.5306 days a month, 354 days or 355 days in 12 months, 11 days less than the solar calendar year.if we allow the number of days between the lunar calendar and the lunar calendar to go so far, then there will be a spring festival during the spring festival.in order to solve this contradiction, the ancients adopted the method of setting leap month.the current method of setting an intercalary lunar calendar is"seventeen years of nineteen years", which means adding seven leap years in 19 lunar new year.lunar year leap year because more than a leap month, so a year 383 days to 385 days, while the lunar new year generally 353 days to 355 days.because there is an"intercalary june"in the chinese lunar year of the rooster, there are 384 days in the chinese new year of the rooster, there are 6 small lunar months, 29 monthly and 7 large lunar months every month 30 days, a total of 384 days a year.so the 2018 spring festival is february 16, 2018.

2018 spring festival holiday schedule

spring 2018:february 16 ,friday.2018 spring festival holiday schedule:2018 spring festival holiday time is 7 days, from the new year's eve february 25 to february 21, 22(the first day of the seventh day) to work.spring festival holiday time is the first to third.

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