why antarctica than the arctic cold?

the annual average temperature of the north pole is minus 10 degrees celsius, the lowest temperature in history is minus 71.2 degrees celsius.the antarctic annual average temperature is minus 30 degrees below minus 25 degrees celsius, the lowest temperature in history was minus 89.2 degrees celsius(1983).the same pole in the earth, why the antarctic cold than the arctic it? we already know that the center of the arctic is the vast arctic ocean, while the antarctic the center is endless land.because the land absorbs heat quickly, the heat is also fast; the ocean absorbs heat slowly, the heat is also slow, so the antarctic heat dissipates rapidly.the north pole, although it absorbs heat slowly, can store heat, which is the main reason that the south pole is even colder than the north.in addition, the antarctic continent is the continent with the highest elevation in the world.when we climb mountains, we feel that the higher the climb, the colder the cold.therefore, the difference in altitude is also one of the reasons for this phenomenon.

in addition to the above two reasons.antarctic colder than the arctic, but also by the pressure and cold factors.the center of antarctica is the polar high pressure area, and the flow of air flows from the center to the periphery, blocking the warm air in the low latitudes from entering the antarctic.to make matters worse, the antarctic continent surrounds the antarctic continent cold, which is a cold air flow, its role is to cool down, while the north pole can get the warmth of the north atlantic warm.the combined effects of so many factors make the antarctic colder than the arctic.

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