the fact that bruce lee left the world and the truth came out that ding pei said he couldn't help it

when we talk about kung fu superstar, we all think of li lianjie, jackie chan, wu jing and so on.

i think another one has become the god of the kung fu world-yes, he is bruce lee!

it's a pity that day jealous person of outstanding ability, bruce lee after filming"deadly game"odd died in the home, betty ting a lover soon betty ting is married to charles heung for his wife.about bruce lee's death has been a lot of doubt, betty ting recently for the first time in 30 years in the face of lens, the details of the story about bruce lee's death and the truth, the king of kung fu puzzle has finally been solved.

betty ting said that bruce lee said he was very tired, head of some pain, take some pain killer to bruce lee.soon bruce lee will never wake up again, because two people really have an affair with, in order to avert suspicion bruce lee was home to his wife, linda, then betty ting because lover who once cried, almost awake at night.during that difficult time, i was able to save myself.although i loved bruce lee, i still married to hua qiang, who was also unable to control her, which was the same as protecting ding wasn't until today, 40 years later, that mr.ding dared to say that bruce lee himself had an overactive illness, often convulsing and fainting.

in betty ting, ting pei has been tearful eyes, said bruce lee's departure is very heavy, is also a big blow, not only so, bruce lee was very good to yourself, two people know this kind of love is not allowed, but it's still going on.netizens have speculated that the facts are not as simple as dingpei's, how could he have died in the bed?why did she divorce her because she was protected by ding pei?

between netizens have rumors, said bruce lee is in the case of excitement to leave, some netizens said it't escape and charles heung, abridgement, after all, it didn't take long for bruce lee's son died, no matter how to say, a generation of kung fu king leave too much regret, only left us a few photos and kung fu.

he is like a shooting star passing through the sky, the brief light is forever in the hearts of people!

, what do you think?