cctv camera stars under the most real and ordinary people no different to re-recognize it!

i believe we all have this feeling tv series, the movie star in the movie is not only look good, even the skin is impeccably delicate, regardless of age, skin and skin are tender and even pores are no.there are four web-based magic in asia:thailand's metamorphosis, south korea's cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery in japan, china's ps surgery, really make-up plus post-repair really will change a person, but cctv's camera comes with remover effect, so many stars are fearful, which is why the stars did not dare to cctv reasons.from the photos uploaded by guo meimei, she came to see her own beauty and wealth., be regarded as a typical white fumei, looking at her in the cctv camera, simply can not bear to look straightaway.although the age of the goddess zhou xun is not small, but usually from the photos really can not see the signs of years, the cctv lens in the zhou xun just 20-year-old than usual! yang mi looks good, after all, yang mi age is not too big eyes are also good-looking, so cctv's lens did not affect her too much.

angelababy this really seems to be too much time in peace ah.look at the packet total appearing in the cctv camera, and the tv series the feeling is not the same?

tfboys, lu han and others interviewed cctv spring festival evening do not know how to see it.deng chao is still very dynamic in running men, but the cctv camera under him still slightly old seems cctv this powerful remover of the lens is not worthless name, do not know if there are stars dare to cctv? do not know how to look at this, please reply xiaobian oh in the comments area!

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