lvdiorchanelprada luxury big bag defect inventory

for women, the most sad thing is not can not afford the luxury



"how did my lv oil open?"

"how did my chanel have been shaved?"

"what happened to my prada deformed!"

after the value of thousands of bags to hand, broken broken flower flowers

luxury brand"package strong"? nonexistent!

hours for everyone inventory of the major shortcomings of luxury brand bags, chop before hand to remember to see oh!

--------louis vuittion--------

even in the luxury goods to"rough","classic"famous lv , but also escaped their students tucao

some classic models are really not considerate girl, looks big and heavy! for example, this speedy package, even if stuffed, my sister is also generally reflected too heavy! ▼

there is this, big enough to say carrying it to install pancake can have someone to believe ▼ but still have to boast about lv, genuine imitation quality is the leverage, or why aunt love carrying lv to the farms? of course, this also means that the collision rate is high, too high! ▼ there is lv home handle, color problem is too serious!

originally, it was like this ▼

after a period of time.....this discoloration becomes, called"cosmetic"▼


dior family naturally have to take the hottest dai fei bao things ▼


chanel is notoriously delicate, accidentally into the flower face woman.although the cortex soft and delicate, feel full, but slightly inattentive, it will fall a layer of skin ▼

chanel home and a lot of series of metal chain girls are not friendly, upper body before that he is glamorous baby ▼

upper body, word day! ▼ that the pain was pulled, i understand!

--------prada-------prada's problem has come to the well-known level, and that quality problems have become the key factor to determine its true and false:

"your prada bag is not bad all year?"

"yes, the quality is great! call call call!"

"oh, then you may be buying a fake it...


the following four major problems that may exist in the luxury bag by the prada strength-

cracking ▼

broken shoulder strap ▼

metal fading ▼



there are users dragging prada luggage go out, half a month after the zipper is broken, and reluctant to throw, can only put it into such a band...back...home...▼





dyeing! dyeing! dyeing!

mcmc go out to stroll, do not wear jeans, otherwise ▼

there are the most common hardware fade problems ▼

really sure is genuine? there is a remark circulating in the art for a long time:good quality is fake poor quality is the real thing.this circle inventory down, hours to say, this remark is not groundless ah! however, these issues do not have to worry too much, because you can go to professional luxury conservation shop care and maintenance ah!

is...expensive expensive expensive...just a little!

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