the importance of five social insurance and one housing fund workers should be careful not to be deceived by business

a lot of people don't know which items are included in five social insurance and one housing fund, which means what five social insurance and one housing fund means and what rules are there.

five social insurance and one housing fund

five insurance, including pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance, the king:housing accumulation fund, endowment insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance, and the three risk is by enterprise and individual is collective pay insurance cost, inductrial injury insurance and maternity insurance completely is borne by the enterprises, individual does not need to pay.

:5 insurance is legal, and a gold is not legal.

social insurance

endowment insurance:to be more than 15 years of accumulative total pay endowment insurance, and reaching legal and emeritus age, can enjoy endowment insurance treatment, until death, death can enjoy a one-time pension

the basic pension=+individual account annuities, transitional annuities=retired a year before the city worker is mean monthly salary by 20%(capture expends fixed number of year to resent 15 years at 15%)+personal account principal and interest and present 120+indexation is mean monthly pay cost salary * 1 began to pay before the end of the capture expends fixed number of year.4%.

unemployment insurance:continuous payment of more than one year, the file returned to the street.can enjoy unemployed insurance treatment in the street

birth insurance:the maternity allowance is divided by 30 times the number of days of maternity leave according to the monthly payment base of female workers.maternity allowance is female worker maternity leave salary, the birth allowance is below oneself wage standard, the difference part is made up by the enterprise.the cost of maternity care includes the medical examination fee, the delivery fee, the medical treatment fee, the hospital fee and the drug charge of the female worker because of pregnancy and childbirth.

five insurance contributions:<br/>

"five risks":according to the employee's salary, the proportion of the unit and the individual is generally:the pension insurance unit assumes 20% and the individual takes 8%;medical insurance unit undertakes 8%, individual 2%;unemployed insurance unit undertakes 2%, individual 1%;the percentage of maternity insurance 0.7% is borne by the unit;inductrial injury insurance 0.5~1.6% also is all by unit undertakes, worker individual does not bear bearing and inductrial injury insurance.the proportion of the provinces and cities is different.

the public accumulation fund for housing construction

the housing accumulation fund capture puts base is how to determine?

housing provident fund deposit base is calculated on the average monthly salary of the worker.the average monthly salary is included in the calculation of total payroll statistics according to the national bureau of statistics.

:what is the minimum deposit base for the housing provident fund?

housing provident fund deposit base is not lower than the minimum wage that the municipal government has announced.

:what is the minimum contribution rate of the existing housing fund?

employees and the minimum contribution rate of the housing provident fund are 6%;all foreign invested enterprises are 8%.

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