the strongest performance ever!missing maotai and missing their future share price is expected to double

this year maotai is make enough eyeballs, share price is again and again hit a new high, let a person see the itching in his heart, but has been late, missed the maotai, then don't miss out on the performance in the stock, this year the value of the investment or handsome, performance for the king, in addition to the maotai, china's ping an, shanxi fenjiu, china life, midea group, gree electric appliances, erie shares, and so on some big white horse, performance is very good this year, share prices also is very good, all are good.

:the first step:the performance rank

has been disclosed in the third quarter, and the three quarterly reports of the listed companies have been reported.below i press the performance statistics, all are the performance boost shares.

step 2:the share price, p/e ratio, market capitalization

in addition to see the results, we have to screen one by one, mainly for some low price, low p/e ratio, high market capitalization stocks, and then into the third step.

by market capitalization are arranged as shown in figure:

according to the p/e ratio are arranged as shown in figure:

according to the shares are arranged as shown in figure:

considering the stock price is low, the low p/e ratio, high value stocks:a boe, zte, hikvision, yili corporation, qingdao haier, its shares, the controlling motion.

the third step:technical analysis, the key to find plate leading

according to the second step screening out stocks to look at the disk, after the screening, have been screen out a lot, the remaining stocks first mainly to see if there is a bellwether of the plates, if there is, first of all to see;if not, see if there is a recent active stock, a screening.

as we passed in the second step screening out of individual stocks, zte, basic is the leading communication equipment industry, a basic are the market leader in the semiconductor industry, boe erie shares generally is a leading dairy, motion controlling generally is the leading industry, and qingdao haier is the focus of the electronics industry, etc.

> finally, see if there are any stocks that are more active in the near future.if there are three days of non-breaking, you can also see that the 3-day break is not to be seen for the time being, so it can be concluded.i hope my sharing will inspire you.

disclaimer:the industry and individual stock analysis covered in this paper is not the basis for investors to buy and sell stocks, the stock market is risky and the investment should be cautious.

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