employees who are dying to resign ask the boss for the reasons why the boss is so embarrassed

when an employee did not quit his job, that the employee has the right company boss completely lose heart, because it doesn't go down, so we chose to resign, mr ma said that employees want is very simple, is two, one is a stable and good wages, there is a good work environment, if can't satisfy the resigned employee is very normal things.

look at this a few employees resign reasons below:

the boss, if you really want to give your employees a wage increase, please generous, working for so long, just a few hundred dollars salary rose, do you know how many competitors pay me please!

the boss, for people to keep the talent you need to be so stingy, you are to rid the company of the talent, the most hate is delay pay boss, employees' wages shall not be in arrears!

will only draw pie let employees hate is the boss, had said so beautiful, in fact, all in the fart, for such a boss, hope work friends must pay attention!

work much, the wages were low, the staff to use as a slave, so the boss is not understand the mood of employees, employee revolted sooner or later!

again, the most important still is the boss, the boss of determines the employee turnover rate, boss is stingy, resigned employee nature a lot, the boss, the company's talent will certainly be more and more.

also wants working friends to get a good job and have a good boss!

.what do you think of these bosses?write in the comments!

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