parents can inherit the appearance of her daughter? the five physical characteristics pass on women, especially the first one

say dragon dragon, phoenix born phoenix, mouse born hole~ in fact, the meaning of this sentence is the child's looks will be genetic parents, what kind of parents what kind of child...and for the child's future appearance, in fact, there is a certain law at all, some genes are dominant genetic, and some gene pass on the male, some gene pass male not female, as"mediterranean."so like the girl of parents who follow the rhythm of xiaobian to steal what features of the appearance will be passed to the girl?
every baby's birth, relatives and friends will say"wow~ like a child her mother looks like a child ah"this girl looks with her father, is simply a mold carved out of it."..this is normal, the general appearance of the baby about 50% determined by heredity, mom and dad some powerful genes will be inherited to the baby, hide can not hide, especially the female treasure~ eating a variety of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, you want children to be born clean, but doing so looks like poor results, which can only improve the child's skin, as the skin color can not be changed.this is the role of dominant genes, as female treasure color, the impact of dad bigger, if her husband fair-skinned, andy was born ten or so is a snow white.if your husband's skin like a healthy skin color louis koo, that feminine skin may be very small white.

if the parents have dimples, the daughter may have a very high dimple~

if your child's parents have high intelligence iq, then the child's iq will not be low.
if you feel iq is not high, can marry a clever wife to save succeeding generations, it is a smart move

recently popular saying:"my daughter is my father last generation of small in fact, indeed, fatherly affection has a great influence on her daughter, and the character of her father inherits the father's inheritance is greater, although more is acquired.some experts have suggested that dad can teach her daughter's life, learning experience and lessons, will make the daughter's character more cheerful, positive and progressive!

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