netizen tells the story of their own experience supernatural night sleepless!


(now 17), sleep at night(sleep with my parents three beds) wake up in the middle of the night, and that parents will have fallen asleep, i saw a shadow in the bedroom door, is a man's figure, i thought when i was wrong, i closed my eyes and opened my eyes again.then, still, and close to me, i closed my eyes and saw him slowly approaching me again.i quickly turned around and hugged my mother, look, there is think about the fear of curiosity later, but i do not believe i was wrong, then clearly ah.


once upon a new year my uncle brought home my ancestral home thing is a pregnant woman, stomach big big dead, the village people to help to burial, is the former coffin burial, the old days later to see what the white ghost, or hear the child cries, but we all think the wild cat ah or something, until one year boldly saw this ghost , followed by seeing her disappear on that tomb, approached to hear the baby cries, study for a long time back to the village to find someone to dig this woman's tomb, and then fucking have a child in it, do not cry, play can be happy, everyone is silly! look at the children are two or three years old! forget the girl who just died is the village, the fryer, and simply can not explain the science, anyway, this child grew up eating 100 rice, he did not seem to father......we give the name of the coffin, because it is born in a coffin, i do not know surnamed han......i think what a big deal, after all, born so legendary, but now are more than seventy, but also species of sheep...grandchildren are quite big......people are still alive, my hometown legend-the coffin.


most of the night and my friend went out to die, drove to the outside to play, to a more remote place, stopped there after a red bridge bridge is very long, the river is also very deep.the scenery is quite good there, opposite the lights dim, but this place is very bleak.because at that time we were too late to get off, i went down with a buddy to see the night, and then went to rest on the bridge by the other side of the lawn to lie down and watch the rest, then still feel really nice.after a while suddenly felt very cold, then think quite strange summer actually cold, no more in the continue to see the scenery, and then suddenly heard someone cry!! lying groove! just under the bridge!! then my face brush white, and asked my buddy to say what you hear no voice, he said i had heard someone crying under the bridge, i think he was quite afraid to say that we go.(there is more partial and so late it is impossible for someone in...!) then that stock actually let me go and see!! then i actually the bridge instantly hit several chills, did not see, and then i intend to go up, a burst of cold wind blowing around my neck, almost scared urine..running on the car, let them drive immediately..i am a junior high school because it is in the rural areas must get up at half past five in the morning to go to school and then we have full of both sides of the road bamboo one day before dawn on flashlight to go to school i was a girl afraid of a person and then walked to the side of the song and did not dare to stare in front of walking down and walked to see a pair of feet in front of me a look at a woman wearing a black dress in front of me i was scared a cry was always running i think we are strangers in that village i know that woman i have never seen and was five so winter i think no one will be up so early i called out ran after i stare at the back did not hear her voice those

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