baby is not worried about the name! the name of this picture is heard especially nice names!

whether there is a revolutionary fondly 70-year-old parents or poetic 80-year-old parents or personality prominent 90-year-old parents, with the baby, a very troublesome thing is named!

careless for the name of the baby crashed.helpless, china's large population, that is, those hundred family name, not the name is impossible.but taking a good name is very important.

after the baby goes to school, to participate in the competition or become a celebrity, the name is to give the first impression.nice name with a few luck, you can add some vitality for the baby.

let's take a look at the names of these nine pictures!

1, the last name beam know summer.quite like this name

2, is not there a small fresh meat called bai jingting?

3, luan gems, this baby's name is really cute.

4, the first name is really pretty, female baby can take this name. about books, good poetic names.male baby can take this name!

6, all good to hear.

7, nice baby name

8, gu southerly, a name is heroes.

9, baby's name can also be combined according to father's mother's surname, this 80 after childhood, parents love to use when they are named.dear friends, after looking at these is not that the baby named is so simple? hello everyone, i am annie's mother.parenting road you and i, never betray, we share the childrens life on the ups and downs!

if you like my child care life, please pay attention to me!

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