baby first child hidden personality iq and other scientific mystery american educators research results unexpectedly

your baby's head spin is really fantastic, just like the birth baby's birth mark.

the most common is a spinners baby, some in the middle of some, there are two spinners baby, the rarest three spinners have also occurred.folk long-term on the child's head spinners have a variety of claims:a spin good, two spin horizontal, three spin children do not fight life.a spin fine, two spin shock, three spin fights do not kill, four screwdrivers and train touch, five spin the first well.
a whirl, two whirligig, three whorling aberdeen.

everywhere not only the same, from numerology to personality, these are naturally excuse me, but every child of this spin children is not what the inherent mystery of the blockade, and the child's character, the future wisdom of how much there is correlation?

the formation of spinosum

there is a science definition, saying that the information in the universe is decomposed into a combination of photon information, the most basic information in the universe, changing the dynamic combination of photons to change the information.this is similar to the concept of the molecular composition of objects in the universe.combined with the structure of the human brain, the photon information of its clockwise rotation is opposite to the environmental photon information, and is better at reverse thinking and good at the rational concept.the photon information of its own counterclockwise is the same as the environmental information , rational analysis of thinking is relatively weak.children are in the fetus, the mother's stomach will rotate peristalsis, changes in posture and position, the passage of time will be along the direction of rotation in the middle of rotation outward rotation of the growth trend.of course, this is only from the innate theory of analysis, the child's own character development, iq development in the acquired training is also very relevant, only through the first child to determine the child's future iq character achievement it is one-sided out of context.

differences in first-mover effect on iq

american educator amar klar once conducted a survey in a key high school, taking the top 100 students in his class to conduct research.among them, there are 36 in the center, 17 in the center, 26 in the center, extreme left 8, far right 13.among the top 20 in the grade, 80% of the pronunciations were middle and middle-right, and left-leftward-oriented.there were no partial subjects in the middle of the rotation, partial subjects in the extreme left and extracurricular in the right and left were better.due to the limited sample size, the survey does not prove that head rotation has a decisive influence on children's addition, there is a bias toward the individual director of children in learning excellence, and there are special talents in one aspect other mediocre nor does it prove that the child's iq is not as good as the other children' addition to the innate and acquired knowledge of the amount of knowledge to a certain extent determine the child's ability to think in the future, the human brain is divided into left and right brain, the left brain is responsible for logic, the right brain is responsible for creating, so the right brain has always been a scientist to become a"potential stimulating think smart children, nurture their own acquired is essential."

things, but also need to look at the feeling of the group's mothers:

it is already clear that many of the effects of the first round of the baby's personality are their own inner feelings , but from the naughty character, whether it is a spin two spin baby basically naughty, not to mention children's character development and acquired environment, family atmosphere, education, etc.will have a huge impact, how can we be a first round of children can say about half a day is nothing more than an interesting feature of the human body only, there is a pair of children's dimples, there are unilateral, there are not dimples, and this is not the key, the key is to want children's intelligence and character shuangyou, we also need to nurture the day after tomorrow is a positive solution! p>

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