baby breast milk too many father-in-law says this is not wasteful this is too embarrassing!

this is all the benefits of breast-feeding and i won't say anything about it, but it's basically a lot of moms who insist on breast-feeding.there are people who are upset about the lack of breast milk, and there are people who are embarrassed about it.

:i have not had any breast milk for the last few days after i gave birth to my baby.i have been holding on to the baby, and my mother-in-law often cooks fish soup for me to drink.gradually, and more and more, the baby will begin to eat the next 16 days.

so i think now baby, back when he had grown up, drinking too much, and breast milk in ice can also put a few i squeezed all the extra stuff out and put it in the fridge.the main thing is that it doesn't squeeze out.after a few days, the fridge put in several bags.there's no way to get a husband to drink it.don't waste it.but the husband drank a mouthful not to drink, said too fishy.

then mother-in-law know i have so much milk, fit inside the fridge.then the mother-in-law said to the father-in-law, and didn't think of the father-in-law's saying, so don't waste it.we'll have two bags for the next night.b:i hear's so embarrassing.this is where the father-in-law and the mother-in-law drink husband didn't like it, so he said it wasn't very good.

father-in-law a listen to laihuo, why don't you drink yourself, otherwise the fridge waste electricity, finally threw a pity.the husband also did not talk, because he can't drink, so there will be so much left.

is a problem, can cause a lot of pain, and it can easily cause mastitis.squeeze if oneself drink to drink many, pour also regrettable.for this breast milk is actually a lot of treasure mama have their own treatment method.

@nini mother:i have too much milk, but i drink it directly to the big treasure and pour it in the glass.

@peppie mother:i was only about when i was on my mother's milk, so i got more out of the month, so i squeezed out to give the dog a drink."/p>

@safe mom:i have a lot of breast milk, but it's all done with milk's pretty good to wash the baby's clothes.

@dada:my husband's son is just enough to eat.

@xiaoxue:i'm anemic, but i have too much breast milk, so i drank myself and drank myself.haha...

ba1, how do you deal with excess breast milk?comments are welcome to share.

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