one of the most rigorous and comprehensive coverage of the story in da sang sin is the truth here! dream tears innocent lie!

the king honored anchor zhang da xian incident, these two days occupy the headlines of major information media, in the voices of users, we hear nothing more than criticize this side, agree with the other side.but really, because the information is too messy! many netizens who have been quite kind-hearted did not help solve the problem but did turn out to be the accomplices of cyber-violence in the absence of all the conditions.

in order to give you an idea of ​​this things, xiao bian deliberately organize all the current tai sin event participants in the speech, to provide you with the most real situation! after reading the article no longer sound too late.

as a celestial being and gray as a friend, love also had to start in the microblogging sound for these two interpretation.the meaning of love for god on a monthly basis is that gray ashes and daisen life are both good and not trivial.the breaking up of the fuse is mainly because the two people have been disputed by a series of mutual temptations on the emotional relations between their loved ones.(the parties did not approve the specific details.)

understand this basic issue, let's say they have never really loved? first of all, from the chat screenshot of love and daisen(presumably, weibo break up the chatting record of half a month in advance), we can at least read out the sorrow and boredom of daisen innermost.long time.

next, let's look at the moon love and gray before chat screenshots, it is estimated that after a quarrel, gray to find love to seek help to prove gray heart is also very anxious pain, and even say"ah ah ah ah ah ah ah why he still ignore me"this girls heart weak words.

in accordance with our normal couple quarrel mode, find someone to reconcile after the situation will get better, but why they finally die of fish break it? love that month:both of them are still too stubborn, do not understand each other!

what a pity! so it broke out, daisen weibo unilaterally announced the break up, ash gray because of a time unattractive began to burst black expected to find the psychological balance.

the question is coming, why blame black material? is it too long for love to sanction daisen?? love once again called on the internet dear netizens do not take the rhythm, love that tai sin heart is very bitter, but who did not understand gray asleep waiting for 20 days daisen did not wait until the results of all the department also black situation.what is this feeling?? months of love gray often ask his wife what to look like when pregnant, obviously gray has been done to marry da sin to give him a child's share, how can we say do not love da da xian?? good guy, so deep love for a moment to pull black, for you and i will be able to endure?

love of month declares that he is both friends will not be biased, xiaobian, of course not.overall, the two were the result of such a lose-lose after the occurrence of emotional conflicts and their respective inability to understand each other's concessions.

ok, this is probably the context, and then we talk about some scrap.twins now spread the word of tears dreams of gray and gray, then say what dream tears stand ash gray.this is pure nonsense! dream tears object said, those words are two eleven tears delivered to their own love words, dream tear daughter want to be a micro-surgery, tears of tears that i will support you anyway! i said netizens do not take the rhythm, and tears are almost crying.

as for the microblogging is currently in full swing discussion, the gray did not meet daisen, but when users respond to users exposed the flaws of these information is indeed true.some people criticized the gray ash bo sympathetic, create illusion, which again how to look? xiao bian think people speak in irrational situations is indeed likely to have a"deeper self-compassion"psychology, which......we can not use it to say gray conspiracy theory ah.

fa sister also microblogging gray is very smart, but a little heart machine girl, the trim information does not say what this article, but the last article xiaoban then summed up all the information summarized three points:first, the gray ash love zhang second, they are both wrong, can compound it to heaven(estimated no play); third:we as users, do not blindly follow the trend of comments.

this series also gives you a talk in the future love suggestions:do not feel too strong in the feelings, to understand each other, do not live because of their temper, do not miss the people who love you.