zhang da xian gray ash broke up anger angry microblogging opened the real face of dah sing black material

recently, there was a major event in the glory of the king, namely, the unbreakable relationship between zhang da xian and his girlfriend.both of them were regarded as immortal by the glory of the king, but by now, all contact details are cut off.but also on the heat search second place, it can be said is a big news broadcast circle, this tear comparable to the original pdd and chi chi each tear each other, in contrast to open five and five laugh and laugh the long word can only be regarded as a slap in the face.speaking of da-xian, presumably a lot of people who watch the fighting fish and the glory of the king are no strangers to him, from his gaming jumped from the gaming penguins to king of fighting fish glory, immediately gained high popularity , even if the original king glory of a brother hi's job-hopping, betty's popularity is not as good as changsaxian, it can be said that after the arrival of zhang da xian, the cause has risen to a very high level.many couples want to break up and do not do enemies, but this pair of see up is not like this, downtown revolt, zhang daxian today issued a microblogging said two people repeatedly communicate, the gray anger directly anger, microblogging crazy broke two people direct secret memories.at today's double-11 approaching, the king of the fighting fish glorified a brother zhang da xian suddenly made microblogging that gray broke up with his girlfriend.we can see from his microblogging is to break up after many communication, and he did not want to announce the reasons for the break up, and finally i wish his ex-girlfriend happiness.from the microblogging of da tai sin, the two seem to be parting from peace, but it seems that things are not the case.not long after zhang tai sin made a microblogging, his ex-girlfriend, or his former fiancée, went bankrupt with dozens of microblogs, and all of the content in the weibo account blames zhang da xian.the first thing on gray why quit from the explanation to the scene, when zhang da xian not fire, microblogging only 7,000 fans, so ash to do the work behind the scenes, ash gray agreed.about chang sze sin smoking, gray as yin hsieh help zhang da xian to do public relations , to maintain the image of zhang da xian.

zhang daoxian when the two public relations papers, are gray to zhang da xian wrote out, to be honest, the anchor hopping more or less some impact, but the popularity of zhang daxian instead of rising, this public relations is indeed doing good.

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