behind the russian stabbed knife was also caught! india has a good show here

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say the world many countries with nuclear submarines can think of china, the united states, russia, france, britain and the united kingdom.but in fact there are some rankings, there is one nuclear submarine state, that is early as 1988, india began lending nuclear submarines, nominally becoming the sixth country in the world to own a nuclear submarine.india, this magical kingdom, can always do something unexpected to you.we did not mean to belittle india, but something in india seems too unprofessional before the rest of the world.november 9, russian satellite news agency quoted the us strategy website reported that india allegedly let the us navy representatives enter the russian nuclear submarine-the submarine named chakra since 2011 to long-term lease conditions equipped indian navy.several sources at the"kommersant"newspaper working for the state apparatus in russia have determined that indian partners have made"several unfriendly acts against russia"recently.first, india let the delegation visit the vikramatite aircraft carrier(formerly admiral gorshkov), and russian officials were forced to file a protest note.however, since this is the property of the indian navy, russia can not make any practical demands.these stupid acts of india have infuriated the russians.coincidentally, the nuclear submarine named chakra was noisy recently big laughing handle last month, on the 4th of the month, the carat attack nuclear submarine(project 971 nato called the shark class) collided on the way back to hong kong.although the indian navy claimed the collision was"not serious,"russia apparently did not believe the indian saying and sent its own team of experts to conduct a detailed investigation of the submarine.according to the indian navy, the submarine struck the seabed midway between the two ports of return, resulting in damage to the sonar section of the submarine's hull.surprisingly, the damaged submarine was on the side of the boat and the boat was almost comparison, the u.s.nuclear submarine struck the seabed near guam, causing the spoiler to be damaged.finally, the entire boat was replaced.the type 971 attack submarine was over 100 meters in length and the displacement was nearly 10,000 tons underwater.such a monster even at low speed hit the seabed the energy is also very large, it is difficult to imagine in this case the boat will be intact, indicating that the indian navy conceal some of the causes of the accident.we can see that chakra damage should be very serious, if not handled properly, for submarine quiet performance and other key performance will have a very adverse impact to reduce submarine combat capability, especially the ship after returning to russia, the submarine will face the most advanced nuclear attack submarines from the united states and nato.for the russian navy, it is now difficult for the russian navy to build an attacking nuclear submarine on a large scale.the 971 attack nuclear submarine is the backbone and backbone of the active submarine.precious enough, in the face of this situation, the anger of russians can be imagined, it is estimated that the amount of compensation in india will not be a decimal.for the russian navy, every 1 971 attack nuclear submarine are precious nuclear submarine is a national heavy equipment, all aspects of support should be the strength of the navy or even the strongest state of the art, the highest technical level, the indian navy actually so low-level error, but also from a lateral manifestations of the indian navy underwater combat support there are many shortcomings, make up these shortcomings may not non-short-term success.but who knows russia is angry, india has made such a foolish things-let americans visit the damaged chakra.why should india do this? the reason is very simple, both ways.we know that the military cooperation between india and russia is very close.russia, for its own economic downturn, attaches great importance to cooperation with india, while india is eating pots and looking at the recent years, relations between india and the united states have been gradually heating up.the united states has even proposed to help india's aircraft carrier is no problem for russia to find a balance between the two great powers of the united states and russia, but stupidity can not be said.there is no theoretical problem with the presence of the united states navy representatives in the submarine, as it is difficult to understand the system without drawings and submarine technical documents(in the hands of russian experts).a russian official who works in the field of military technical cooperation said that the mere fact that the united states naval representative was present in the russian nuclear submarine was outrageous.he also said that there are well-trained technical experts in the delegation who can get some information about the is unknown to us how much useful information the americans have been able to get in.we also do not know how many times such a thing happened.the"kommersant"speculates that the incident is likely to have a serious impact on the long-term lease of the russian navy's second nuclear submarine by the indian navy, as well as the negotiation of the construction of the fifth-generation fighter plane in accordance with the agreement signed in 2007.

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