type aircraft carrier came the united states did not solve the problem of flowers were overcome by ma weiming

it is understood that a total of three major advantages of electromagnetic ejection:1, high efficiency, about steam injection about 10 times; 2, low cost, although the high cost of its development , but it reduces the usual operating expenses, only 90 people can operate, less than 30 steam ejection; 3, availability, steam ejection an average of 405 weeks there will be a major failure, and electromagnetism can extend this time to 1300 weeks.so, the united states for electromagnetic catapults, from 1992 to 2013 on board the ship, it took 21 years in total to cost more than 3.2 billion u.s.dollars, but it can barely be mastered.according to ma weiming, an academician of china's"national treasure,"in fact, even if the successful development of the electromagnetic catapult does not mean that it can be used immediately by the ship, it must go through the following processes:

1, develop the prototype of the reduction ratio principle; 2, develop a full-scale test prototype; 3, 4, in the new aircraft carrier design and installation of electromagnetic catapult system to ensure that all work can be carried out normally, ultimately to determine the"electromagnetic catapult on the ship!"of course, in order to use the electromagnetic catapult, the aircraft carrier must have sufficient power support, and even if the traditional aircraft carrier does not necessarily support the highly efficient catapult of the electromagnetic device, the united states will adopt the nuclear power aircraft carrier take off.this is also why the west did not think china could achieve such a fast"bomb on the ship", followed by:1, the soviet union have not developed, let alone china; 2, complex technology, technology is extremely difficult; 3, the independent development of catapults into too much, not worth the candle however, academician ma weiming solved this crucial issue well.according to wang ping, a chinese academy of science, they developed a medium-voltage direct-current power transmission network.although the"ddg-1000"destroyers in the united states were back in 2013 this technology has been adopted in the past years, but there is no advanced technology of the second generation of academician ma weiming.it not only can be used for aircraft ejection, the future can also launch missiles and satellites, and even to power high-speed trains, there is absolutely no need for china to mimic the united states' use of nuclear reactors to support electromagnetic ejectors, as we already have more concise, convenient and effective advanced technologies to solve this problem.can be very sure to say, 003-made aircraft carrier(april 26 launched into a 002 aircraft carrier) will use the electromagnetic catapult system!

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