it is not russia or japan but the country that can best be called among china's neighbors

the number of neighboring countries in china can be said to be the largest in the world, with 14 on land across the country and 21 at sea, many of whom think russia is the strongest fighting nation, or japan, in fact, there is a country more than they can fight.although russia is powerful, but still can not beat the united states, but also in history has been napoleon hitler and finland defeated.and japan is even more history, almost all the wars between the powerful countries failed.the victories won in the world war ii colonial wars were victories.maybe you would say that vietnam is also know that at that time, without us, vietnam had long been a prisoner of france and the united states.this powerful neighbor to speak today is afghanistan, afghanistan and our land.bordering xinjiang in the border, it is linked by more than 400 kilometers of wakhan corridor.why afghanistan is the best neighbor to play? before we talk about this, we must first understand the nickname of is called the"cemetery of great powers."it has a glorious history as its name implies.afghanistan's territorial environment is not very good, can be said to be a poor place, is positive it is this kind of soil and water that makes the local folk style very sturdy and has always been based on the tribal state management model.basically, nobody in ancient afghanistan heard it, but in modern times it caused a great stir in the world because of the that time, afghanistan defeated the three major powers in the world and led no one to dare it.the first country is the british empire, the time is in the 19th century, at that time, britain was in its order to compete with czarist russia in central asia, the united kingdom invaded afghanistan for almost eighty years from 1839 to 1919.i thought i could win easily, and i did not expect that all three were almost annihilated.i finally had no choice but to admit the independence of the 1970s, the position of the soviet union was even stronger than that of the united order to be able to opening up the passage to the arabian sea, the soviet union made massive attacks on afghanistan in 1979.although eventually won, but did not completely surrender to afghanistan, the afghan army through the guerrilla war to the soviet army had a lot of trouble, desperation had no alternative but to withdraw from the war, the war is actually indirect the soviet union lost its position as the overlord in the world and moved toward understanding the body.most recently, the united states launched an attack on afghanistan on the pretext of fighting terrorism on the basis of anti-terrorism measures in the same time, after a long period of war, the united states actually did not win in the end, but also died in many soldiers, wasted trillions of dollars, and finally withdrew from afghanistan.

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