Less than seven years, and he know revenge to the parents of the child, but became unfilial key!

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my father had a nephew, that is my cousin, name is seven, and he went to grade school in just a grade, less than seven years old, they have made a big deal --

once, my father came back from work, see small seven children fight with neighbours, played very fierce, the neighbor child being beaten, cry very sad, look at seven, a full face of rao, malicious seized the boy's hair.My father quickly jumped off the bike, the two children away.He carefully and the black-and-blue children head could see red, deep red blood drops down a small strand of hair.less than seven years, and he knew to the parents

my father helped the child out of toilet paper to wipe the head of the blood, ask why fight, small seven triumphant tell my father, two adults because of cultivated stroppy, also had a fight.Today he block broke the child's head with a brick, vengeance for his mom and dad!

my father called down the small seven, took the child to put medicine health posts, and to the small shop beside give he bought some cakes, let him go back to eat.Results after seven returned home, the incident of adding to his parents, says he revenge for my parents, also be uncle came back from work to beat and scold mercilessly.

it is my uncle we believe him son, my father go to work the next morning, he purposely squatting by the side of the road waiting for, see his "call" to stand up, my father said angrily, later you just leave my son's things, which have so elbow turn outside the uncle, don't hurt her nephew!My dad said, you don't look at small seven children into what people?Spoil the child is not so spoiled!My uncle is a face of anger, said that children should play!If my father meddling, he must go to!

since then, my father is no longer any pipe in my uncle's house.He is worried about said to me: "you wait and see, your uncle later how to take the consequences!"less than seven years, and he knew to the parents

later the little seven primary school haven't finished reading, had learned to call names, fight and bad habits such as smoking, the teacher still manage him, then he is not only hit classmate, also hit the teacher.My uncle aunt became a regular school, July 1, they have to make an apology to apologize.Because a teacher xiao qi is so badly behaved, beat his ass with wooden ruler.My aunt put small seven ass took photos of the red line around the campus to scold the teacher is the killer, the end still threatened to go to bureau of education.When the principal finally settled the matter, the result is a school for small seven these payments five hundred pieces.

after this event, small seven more around the whole campus seems to be his world.When he graduated from elementary school, the entire school teachers and students are relieved!less than seven years, and he knew to the parents

later the little seven junior high school for more than a month, it is really read not bottom go to.He hang out all day in the town of Internet cafes, sometimes also participated in the juvenile delinquent fighting events, once in and out of the station several times.Again big some, he go to usury when thugs, and earn some money to take drugs, have no money to buy drugs, he will cheat money everywhere, all the relatives and friends fool, when he can't cheat money, had to petty theft.

my aunt is a strong man, to see their beloved son all trouble, she often depressed, angry soon got cancer, less than fifty years, and he died.My uncle a person alone, very not easy someone the door, or because small seven cheat money outside, others find him "father and son debt".

once, go to see my uncle, he saw I will hold my hand, eyes in ZongLiu, said xiao qi was arrested, because drug use.He complained, because small seven ask for something in the outside, he earn money, and picking up trash income, that is all for the son's debts.Once because of small seven stolen something that others in the store, quite a few people holding sticks chased the door again to stone him, he had no money for son to pay back, again afraid son was playing, knelt down and cried out to the somebody else, only each other to by-pass seven only once.He said he ability is limited, can't tube the big-spending son!Now that I think about it at the beginning, he says, he won't listen to my father's advice, he longed to head against the wall...less than seven years, and he knew to the parents

parents, you ought to have a good education since child hours he, rather than the readiness to spoil children too much, it will not only hurt the child's life, also can let oneself regret.

I don't know whether you have such as pampers children, caused by the bad examples?


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