chinese medicine three strokes to help you sleep all night how to eat jujube most people?

jujube how to eat most people? as the saying goes,"eat three dates a day, life is not significant."jujube is the most prominent feature of high vitamin content.chinese medicine believes that jujube can buzhong qi, nourishing fluid.fresh jujube vitamin content is more abundant; but it is seasonal, can not be bought, and eat more may hurt the digestive function.dried dates although the vitamin content decreased, but the iron content increased, and its nutrition is more easily absorbed, more suitable for diet, here are several jujube diet practices.

date soaked in water, liver detoxification.experiments show that everyday people with poor liver function drink jujube water, sustained for 1 week can increase human serum protein, and thus to achieve the effect of liver detoxification.

jujube a brewing details determine the level of its effectiveness.jujube peel tough not digestible, if the whole brewing, it is difficult to completely dissolve the active ingredient, so it is best to break apart and then brewing.

also note that fresh dates should not be brewed or boiling.this is because its vitamin c content is very high, with hot water to cook will seriously damage the dimension c

jujube fried black tea after drinking, can treat stomach cold, stomach pain.if you then add longan, is the blood qi tea, suitable for teachers, sales and other people who use the high frequency of throat.xiaobian remind:

jujube healthy, but not much good.medium-sized dates, best not to eat more than 15, excessive consumption of impaired digestive function, causing hyperacidity and bloating

on the water in the open, pick off the first tart, torn into small pieces, and dates, rock sugar into the pot, add water 6 bowls, the fire boil, switch to simmer for half an hour, you can turn off.jujube boiled eggs, blood beauty

with red dates add longan brown sugar water to date rotten longan cotton, hit only eggs; continue to use small fire boiled eggs.jujube, longan and brown sugar have the effect of blood, boiled egg is very nutritious.supplement reading:blood bible-let a woman rosy white throughout the period menstrual blood plan:a nutrition delicious cinnamon beef, not only solved the greedy worms, but also ran away dysmenorrhea! the material is very simple, 4 grams of cinnamon, 250 grams of beef, seasoning is usually used at home ginger, salt, rice wine, msg and onion.wash the cinnamon, cut into 2 cm long, 1 cm wide strips of beef cut into pieces, into the pot, add the right amount of water, as usual stew, add seasoning dunsheng it! want to make the color brighter, you can also add a little carrot and chinese wolfberry.......

jujube porridge, soothe the nerves and sleep

chinese speaking, women have manic restlessness, restlessness and other symptoms, available amount of lily, lotus seeds with red dates conditioning.if you cook with millet, jujube soothing effect can be better played.

supplementary reading:six kinds of soup for your good night sleep suanzaoren soup:take the money jujube three crushed, decoction, taking an hour before going to bed every night.suanzaoren can inhibit the central nervous system, there is a more constant sedation.insomnia caused by blood deficiency or palpitations uneasy with a good effect.......jujube wine, vascular patency

jujube in the soaking process, rich in nutrients more easily dissolved in the maintain vascular patency have a certain effect.xiaobian reminder:

dried jujube different sizes, although not very different in nutrition and therapeutic efficacy, but from the taste of suggestion, when the big bubble of tea selection jujube, especially jujube produced in xinjiang, the taste is sweet, it is best to tear it back into use; porridge, soak wine, etc.are free to choose.chinese medicine three strokes to help you sleep all night if people's heart fire on the inflammation, kidney water down to form a heart-kidney separation like heart and kidney separation will result people sleep at night to sleep, especially tired during the day, his legs heavy.heart and kidney do not pay into insomnia more difficult to the past, a few doses of suanzaoren soup, or warm bile soup can be cured, but now these drugs have no obvious effect.because now people's lives are much more complicated than in ancient times, many people's insomnia is related to staying up late for a long time.every night from 11 o'clock to 1 o'clock, is the time when gallbladder should sleep, while people are not old at this time to sleep, it will slowly appear heart and kidney do not pay the state, leading to insomnia.second, blood deficiency

insufficient blood can cause insomnia.chinese medicine there is a saying, called the coke by gas, the coke is our stomach.where does human blood come from? in fact the blood is coming from the stomach, the human body is to digest food through the stomach, the essence of food into blood.blood is an energy that represents a kinetic energy that is tethered to the body for the body's needs.we often mentioned the problem of blood, know chinese medicine, then know that the blood comes from the stomach, so eat a lot of so-called blood supplement supplements may not have much use, the best way is good eat.stomach blood, so the stomach will cause blood deficiency, we must maintain the good blood stomach.insufficient blood, can not be effectively on the brain, the brain will be due to ischemia and insomnia.

third, the stomach is uneasy restless

if you eat too much at night , can also cause insomnia.people live breath, gas is used to sleep, but also to digest food.if you eat too much at night, gas will be blocked by the focus, yang can not be lost in the brain, causing insomnia.ancient chinese health stress afternoon too fast, that is, only eat two meals a day, nine o'clock, ten o'clock, four or five o'clock in the afternoon, no longer eat.the rules of life are also made for the sunrise, sunset and interest rates, so people rarely sleep at that time.

we have to master the principle of dinner, that is, seventy-eight cents on it.and preferably go out for a walk after dinner, or do some other exercise, to enhance the quality of sleep at night is very good.three strokes to help you sleep for a night first, before going to sleep feet peace of mind

chinese believe that the foot is full three yin and yin and yin and other important meridians starting and ending points, but also in the soles of the feet are also distributed with the organs and organs are closely related to nearly 70 points and the reaction zone, with hot feet, stimulate these reaction zones, you can play to adjust the function of organs and enhance physical terms of insomnia, hot water can expand the foot blood circulation, promote blood flow to the feet, reduce foot muscle tension and promote the head of the blood flow to the lower limbs, the relative reduction of cerebral congestion, people have the feeling of general relaxation and the foot bath at the same time, if supplemented by massage yongquan(the soles of the soles from the center of about 1/3 to the front toe), you can further enhance the efficacy of insomnia.because yongquan also cited the virtual fire down, calm, soothe the nerves, lower blood pressure and other effects.foot massage should be noted:1,

bath time should not be too long, up to half an hour, the elderly is even more so.before meals, half an hour after the bubble should not be, otherwise it will affect the supply of stomach blood, hinder the digestion and absorption of to drink a glass of water before the bubble is conducive to metabolism and fluid supplement.

2, the water temperature should not be too high, generally 30-40 degrees celsius is appropriate.3, it is best to use a certain height of the flat-bottomed barrel, the water immersed to the calf.4, at the same time in the foot bath yongquan, you can massage in the bubble alone.5, if add some vinegar in hot water(100-150 ml), the effect is better.6, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, frozen feet, foot inflammation should not be.second, the acupressure massage you sleep more sweet

modern people's fast-paced life, mental stress, irregular work schedule, it often appears that sleep treatment is not good.light is not easy to fall asleep, those who sleep all night, seriously affecting people's daily lives.xiao bian today teach you a massage method of acupuncture point, help you find sleep.chinese medicine that the brain is the soul of god's house, it should also pay attention to the head of qi and blood the spare time of rest or watching tv, we can comb the scalp with one hand several times.the direction starts from the forehead hairline and terminates along the hairline to the hairline of the this way, five fingers can divide the head of the du meridians,

bladder, gallbladder, to sedative and soothing, the role of pinggan qian.

in accordance with the ownership of the meridian, you can rub the following points with the thumb:neiguan, shenmen, sanyinjiao.neiguan acupuncture point is located on the palm of your hand, the wrist stripes 2 inches(same body size, that is, each one's own thumb width of 1 inch, the same below), palm tendon and flexor tendon between the radial wrist.shenmen acupuncture points in the palm of your hand on the horizontal stripes, ulnar flexor tendon radial depression.sanyinjiao in the medial leg, medial malleolus tip 3 inches can touch the tibia, it is in the tibial rear.the three points complement each other, rubbing 5 to 10 minutes a day, you can play the role of sedative.homemade"soothe the nerves buyu porridge"take fried suanze ren(chinese herbal medicine room for sale) 50 grams with gauze wrap, add water, boiling for 30 minutes, remove the jujube ren do not, in the boiling jujube water by adding millet 200 grams, 50 grams of lily, then add the amount of water porridge, porridge cooked add brown sugar 25 grams, 1 hour before going to bed.nutritional analysis:millet, also known as corn, sweet and salty taste, shizhen said in the"compendium of materia medica"millet"porridge yi yi dan field, fill wasting, open the stomach."its function is to"spleen, stomach and sleep."modern medicine thinks:the degree of drowsiness after a meal is often related to tryptophan content in food proteins.tryptophan can cause cerebral neurons to secrete a lethargic serotonin, serotonin, it can temporarily inhibit the brain's thinking activity, people will have a feeling of drowsiness.the more neurons in the brain secrete this substance, the more difficult it is for people.tryptophan in millet in all cereals in the highest content of tryptophan per 100 grams of food up to 202 mg, is unmatched in other addition, millet is rich in digestible starch, after eating can make people have a feeling of fullness, can promote the secretion of human insulin, and further increase the number of tryptophan in the it is the best food to sleep.lily has the effect of pure heart and sootheth sweet jujube sweet taste, flat.liver, heart, soothe the nerves, sweating effectiveness.for the treatment of irritability, palpitation, insomnia good effect.

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