the world cup is the most regrettable of the five countries that have been the world cup's biggest loss

as the world cup draws closer to the world cup in russia in 2018, the draw for the world cup is officially held on december 1.currently, 29 of the 32 strong players have been born, and the remaining three will be determined by the two teams.first leg has home-country crowd, honduras 0-0 home draw with australia and new zealand home 0-0 tie with peru, home 0-0 tie with ireland, denmark, three 0-0 also shows the cruelty of the play-offs.

in the national team in two hundred for the two hundred world cup, especially five national 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006 world cup champion italian team and for the world cup for the first time in 60 years, buffon has cried, the team wept, buffon again italy, goodbye love for 15 years the azzurri, small make up tearful.

and the 2010 world cup and 2014 world cup 2nd runner-up dutch also for the world cup, the italian team of the company, the two teams are sweden pressure in the body, without zlatan ibrahimovic sweden is a missed euro 2016, the netherlands again for competition, defensive master italy, total keep the dutch world cup at the same time, this is how many years can occur at a time, and the problem that the two teams also are dried up, the strength of the slump is the core reason.

in 2015 america's cup champions, in 2016 america's cup in one hundred, chile, once beat messi cried, beat messi said quit the national team after the game, but in the final after a 3-0 loss to brazil, in the south area 6 have been also shows the fierce competition in south america, where the 10 teams are in four and a half places, and the netherlands, the world's top stars, are out of line.

and out of the united states team, it's kind of dead, six teams competed in north america area, competition in the three and a half, before the final round, the united states ranks third in 12 points, panama and honduras is 10 more positive, the united states against is out of the final set and saks team, the team is the standard of a buoyant, a win eight minus nine rounds before only 3 points, everyone thought that the team will no suspense, but the end result is that the united states to lose, panama and honduras are win, panama and eventually honduras 13 points ranked ask gusts, fifth 12 points out the united states team.

china, and finally a pity is the world's population, gdp, the world's second, pseudo fans to the world first, high-level attention to football, in asia, qualify the weakest, so a variety of good still could not let the chinese team to qualify.although the reasons are various, but football is the most exquisite or the strength, the current chinese team strength really does not enter the world cup, by luck, is also the downtrodden.