sad!!!zhou qi has made countless chinese fans feel bad about staying in the nba

beijing time on november 14, housekeeper from development league be recalled again later in the game the rockets had a chance to play, although still is in the waste of time, but kevin still on both ends to make our best effort, the rockets 5-1 victory over the pacers housekeeper in garbage time, still didn't get the shots, but there's a rebounds and two blocks.

housekeeper progress is seen in the nba, and he is also actively into the rocket training every day, even though he may be the rockets again down at any time.after the game against indiana, us media reported actually housekeeper didn't be valued by the rockets coach, and gives the housekeeper playing time is as over-the-counter factors, because the housekeeper in viper team play when it caught the attention of the chinese fans huge.we can see that zhou qi only appears in the garbage time, he has no chance to prove his ability.

housekeeper today in an interview with the media had said:"you don't mind playing as a substitute, even be devolved can also accept, as long as it can get progress will always stick to it."actually, kevin has been working hard to seek progress in the nba, in training every day, kevin also need hard to learn english, or we simply don't understand the rockets arrangement between coaches and players during games.many chinese fans think rather than letting housekeeper in the rockets' bench, also not as follows on the viper team sent him to the game, or else all the time, and there is no chance to progress housekeeper, completely waste your talent, it is better to return to the cba experience several season again.

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