fans around the world felt that the theme of the day was that the mother was the most expensive, but the boss, cristiano ronaldo, was exposed

earlier today, 32-year-old soccer star cristiano ronaldo was excited to reveal the birth of his fourth child on a personal social web site.ronaldo wrote,"alana was born!alana, georgina are great!we are very happy!"on the morning of december 12, local time, georgina went to the local hospital in madrid for delivery, and ronaldo and mini lo arrived at the front of georgina's bed, the two of them gathered together and filled with love.the baby girl, who is also the fourth child of cristiano ronaldo, was the first to be known, and georgina was the first child to be admitted by cristiano ronaldo.this also makes one can not help feeling that"bossy president"after all met true love,"mother with the son expensive"georgina is the true destiny of c luo!just as everyone was imagining the prodigal son's turn back, the unexpected news broke out in foreign media.

in the lace news blackout has always been very steady the sun with a piece of news to cristiano ronaldo in the"v"...

it is reported that a reality the portuguese star, natasha rodriguez, 21, to the sun newspaper reported:cristiano ronaldo during his girlfriend is pregnant and had a one night stand"one night we make love is very special, but then i'm going to take a reality show, he told me not to go to, also blocked me, now i think he just to go to bed with me..."fans of single-minded care are very critical:

fans are more like this:there are too many of them...

georgina reveals a lot of details:it was march and georgina was september 2015, she posted a photo of herself on social media and sent a photo of herself to cristiano ronaldo as a joke.i didn't expect cristiano to really get in touch with her.until october 5 last year, ronaldo invited natasha to his home in lisbon, but he didn't know why, and ronaldo finally canceled the date.until march 26, natasha took the initiative...but then ronaldo asked to keep it a secret and to shield natasha.

natasha so feel they have been betrayed, it's time to tell the truth, but natasha said no resentment:"i hope he wholeheartedly devoted to georgina, that night, he told me i was his only cheating object, i believe him, i hope he don't do such a thing!"the hypocrisy also makes many fans feel the timing of their revelations"is the time"...

obviously, have a daughter at the parties also quiet atmosphere, is not going to one of the world's most handsome and wealthy stars, ronaldo has been a rich man in terms of emotional life.of course, some women are not excluded from the initiative, and c luo is obviously not a type of rejection.after she broke up with the russian model who had been dating for many years, it was also revealed that the reason for the affair was that she had been cheating so many times that she could not bear it.

elena has for star bradley cooper gave birth to daughter

don't know, look not so strong georgina will be how to deal with this problem?as a fan, i hope cristiano ronaldo will not be influenced by these things and get out of the bad feeling of the season.