when the big movie takes away the special effects, it turns out that after seeing this, maybe you can't really look at it!

with the improvement of material and cultural life level, people's expectation to the film and television works are also growing, hope the film and television play works can make the audience have a better enjoy audio-visual feast, then opens the special effects technology.particularly in hollywood blockbusters in the science fiction world created by the large use of special effects of film and television post-production technology, let the audience has a visual impact, combined with 3 d effect, more shocking, is, as it were, very spectacular.but you should be curious to see what happens when these blockbusters get away with the special effects, and maybe you can't even watch them after you've watched them!

so handsome robot, the original special effects before himself is a man wearing tight pants, instantly divide feeling good big?

in the film"the fantasy forest,"the original naughty bear turned out to be the director himself.

another good rolling down from the mountain?originally it is inside to play mud of a feeling.

in the superman, superman fly real picture, also need a staff to help lift the legs behind, really embarrassed!

in the film"harry potter", all serious fighting, post-production before became a group of mental hospital out patient of wind of visual sense.

in ang lee's film"young fantasy drift"in the endless sea is indoor swimming pool after effects make effect, good traps oh.

however and teens have to play the tiger is a hippo's doll, please accept my knee.

in science fiction, a warrior armor turned out to be ok, as long as the actor standing you can instantly change, embarrassing carcinoma are made!

in american movies, there will always be very spectacular naval battle, the soldiers shooting is like the sea, have become indoor shooting, difference is very big.

when the front of the no end in sight, into a piece of the curtain really rose pose!


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