what happens if someone dies and the bank and the internet have a lot of money?

:the way people stored money in the past is relatively simple.most of them have banks.with the rapid development of internet finance, more and more people have chosen to purchase wealth management products online.everyone knows the importance of information security, so many people have their accounts and passwords.what about the money in these accounts, especially if the family members don't know what to do if they suddenly die unexpectedly one day?

melting 360 financial analyst to tell everyone a very pessimistic result, if the family members all don't know if you have these account, it is likely that money will sleep forever.

is not the same as the financial heritage in different cases, and the following financial analysts have different examples to see how to deal with it.

1, account number and password are all known

.this is the most ideal situation.if the money is a bank, the family member has the bank card and password, and go directly to the bank to withdraw the money.if buy internet wealth management product, the family knows is which platform, also know the trade password, wait for wealth management product to expire, withdraw to the bank card is ok.

2, a bank card but no password, there are internet accounts but no password

if you know in which bank, money can go to a bank inquiry, but no password, as the certificate of legal heir will need to notarization place bid for inheritance.the heirs have only one better thing to do, and the heirs have more than one thing to be together, and that's the trouble.

have occurred before a lot of the old man died, and some money in the bank account, but the children scattered in various places, all the children get back cost more than the money in the bank account, in this case the heir had to give up the deposit.

if families know which a few money on the internet platform, but i don't know the password, this case is not difficult.in general there are three kinds of internet platform account, as he is a registered account, one is the id number, one is the phone number, any one of the three can login, if you forget your password or don't know it is better to do, so long as has the id card and mobile phone can reset the password, log in and see what products when due, expire after withdrawal to the card.

360 financial analysts give everybody a recruit, there is a way to get the money out, can i take a civil litigation to determine inheritance split share, which is one of the heirs sued several other heirs, request the court to the division of the property, after other heir agree to abandon inheritance, this person can be used as the sole heir to notarized.

3, don't know in which bank money, also don't know in what the internet platform specific buy financial

this is very troublesome, the first heir to ask to know exactly in which bank money, check a few cards.heir to the local public security organ to open a death certificate, go to notarization's bid to host the inheritance certificate, and then go to a local bank registered a few queries, remember that is the bank's head office is not the people's bank of china.then take the death certificate and the certificate of succession to the corresponding bank.

if it is in the internet platform to buy financial products, to log the dead cell phone and see what financial management software, one by one to see if he had money, the problem of account number and password as it has already been said, but there is one more mobile phone boot password problem, to find a way to crack password.

4, i don't know anything about

, which is also the worst case, which can't be found in a few banks, nor does the bank card, nor does it know which financial products are bought on the internet.in this case, the money is the equivalent of a water float.don't count on the bank and the internet platform to contact you for your money.

360 financial analysts suggest, whether to put money in the bank or internet banking platform, to make at least one relative knowledge, of course, if you really don't want to tell each other account and password, but at least let him know i put the money in which bank, which financial management platform.

in addition, who can guarantee that he will not surprisingly, the best will ready ahead of time, especially the elderly, and there are a number of heirs.

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