it was a famous host who became a rat in the street and everyone shouted to him what was he going through?

he is the founder of shanghai lightening, created shanghai lightening works"joke 30 years"and"big joke in shanghai", together with li yong as a cctv host dance out of my life, he is-"zhou".

zhou, was born in shanghai, his stunt having a unique style, show a weekly, entertaining, lines are full of shanghai style of thinking and rich imagination, in his mouth rolling, in all kinds of anecdotes with age, the audience feel and nostalgia.

zhou killer is"promoting the brothel", he has always been 20 years ago, when the fame that a face of bad phase, few words can make the audience laugh.the performance style is unique, and the various parties are funny and funny in one, but also do not lose the sense of the humanities to ridicule and ridicule.

although the talent, but the character has a problem, in a"happy camp"host handsome staged a kung fu panda and pas de deux of michael jackson, grabbed the zhou libo's words made their discontent, denounce the:you entertain the audience or audience is this?""that's what it's like."more embarrassing for du haitao on the stage.

with the talent, but zhou's personality character emotional intelligence really slag of the poor, he is now gone too normal.

on january 19, 2017, zhou was arrested in long island, new york, zhou and his wife together were searched by police after the bail out guns and cocaine.he was then searched for a loaded pistol, and zhou was charged with illegal possession of controlled drugs, illegal possession of firearms, driving his cell phone and other charges.netizens agreed:"li bo is difficult, in all directions thumb up".

after being bailed out, zhou said his car's gun is legal, but he did not say who is all guns, also didn't mention the drugs.what do you think of zhou libo?


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