do not be too headstrong man! passport visa page is not you want to tear can tear you as a desk calendar?

cup with!

a man recently planned for a long time,"seven european tour"finally began,

how expect, arrived in the airport on the aborted!!

the reasons for the unexpected travel because of their"hand cheap"!! the master of this cup was mr.zhang from shaoxing(a pseudonym) and my friends, recently, they reported a tour of"europe's seven-day tour".in order to make this trip, the two people have been planning for a long time and have been doing online raiders until finally they have to wait for the journey.both are in a good mood and are full of anticipation of what is coming.

however, when they went out of hangzhou xiaoshan international airport together with members of the tour group.i did not expect the staff at the hangzhou frontier checkpoint to stop mr.zhang alone:​​"why is your passport less than four pages?"

a long-planned trip, because such a mistake can only be forced to give up, peer friends see mr.zhang was blocked out of the country is also spirited, and finally gave up this trip plan.passport can not be easily torn badly!

the border inspection authorities said that the used visa page has the citizen's past exit and entry records and can not tear it up arbitrarily.the passport with the visa page torn down will be qualified as an invalid passport.passengers with subjective intent, tore the visa page, conceal the entry and exit records, the circumstances are serious will be characterized as stowaways.the staff at the border checkpoint also explained that if this situation was discovered when the other country entered the country, it could cause more trouble.

read the above because the passport was damaged and can not leave the country, do you like xiaowu, think of the previous"bear kid"doodle document incident.

cherish the documents away from the bear a

first look at this picture, you should be able to think of it!

cherish the documents away from the bear ii

intends to take advantage of weekend time to travel to mum in malaysia, the same is because the documents were graffiti and can not leave the country.

however, the style of this child is still quite meng.the mother's passport's endorsement page is full of small animals.

oh my suggestion mom and dad, if the child likes drawing too much , or to buy them a picture now! april

-april this year, miss guo just got out of the country passport, get home readily thrown into bed.the results of a roll of open plastic tape just stick to the passport, the photo above turned into a"painted face."this inadvertent act, let her trip to southeast asia bathing. because of the temporary effect, the clothes will be loaded with a passport washer cleaning, resulting in passport information page blurred, unrecognizable, and thus be prevented from leaving the country.there is also a cup of friends, because the passport was gnawed dog, resulting in the loss of the entire passport, the back of that page has a direct chip cheek exposed.finally, the children's shoes and accompanying friends can only cancel the trip temporarily.many friends do not have too much custody of passports and other travel documents.many people think that there are many blank pages of documents, it does not matter if they are graffiti or tear-off, and if you have this idea, your journey may be ended ahead of schedule!

blank endorsement page is missing, fouling! can not be allowed to leave!

whether it is a passport or hong kong and macao permits, information pages and visa pages, endorsement pages are as important.blank endorsement page is missing, defaced can not be allowed to leave.even if"lucky enough"to leave, due to damaged documents may also be exposed to the risk of being blocked.

2017 is coming to an end, all kinds of holidays come one after another, xiao wu has been constantly remind everyone, please protect your own immigration documents!

precious documents!

fire prevention bear children! for a variety of documents, border inspection department staff also have said that"there is ink, grease and other defaced, as well as documents with the laundry thrown into the washing machine, and generally we will be treated as appropriate, as humane, but the defacement of a large area, more serious damage, the border inspection department will not be allowed to leave the country."

the following types of"problem passports"may be prevented from leaving china:

1.the photo page is damaged, unidentifiable,

2, information page defaced, altered or incomplete content, can not verify the true identity; 3, passport magnetic stripe damaged, unable to read passport information;

4, the passport will expire, after leaving the passport may result in expired;

5, passport visa page off, their own suture.border check remind passport is a citizen of entry and exit in the country to prove nationality and identity documents, if your passport there is damage, please go to the exit-entry administration of the public security organ to apply for a new passport; if a citizen abroad who has gone abroad for a short period of time passes away, stole, or can not use the passport, he or she may apply to a diplomatic or consular mission in china for the purpose of returning the travel document of the people's republic of china.

recently, friends with travel plans,

quickly open your passport.

see if you are still"well"?

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