a japanese reporter records the most impacting things china has to play

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when people go to a new country will be more or less by the impact of different cultures, although japan and china is a neighbor of the water belt, but in fact the understanding of each other's country is not deep between the peoples of the two countries.when a reporter from a japanese website came to china for the first time, he recorded the 50 things that most shocked him.let's take a look at it~

pudong international airport

1.airports and stations are even cleaner than japan's.2.usually able to take a maglev train.maglev train at longyang road station

3.speed ​​over 300 km high-speed people excited.

4.not many people take the train, so the train is able to ping heng income and expenditure is also a problem.5.metro station also has security.

6.there are also wickets that can be passed directly.

7.the cost of a subway station about 3 yuan.8.there is no direction on the escalator.9.there is no row of uniform team.but others are lining up well.11.people's cell phones are not quiet mode.12.noisy on the train, even someone watching the video without headphones.13.this is not the case.however, everyone seems to be accustomed to, do not mind.15.there is no place where you can not use your cellphone.16.i saw someone shouting at the phone loudly, but he suddenly laughed again, i realized that he did not get angry.17.there seems to be no place where you can not smoke.18.grocery cashier smokes while cashing.19.wherever there are middle-aged men spitting.20.chinese use english more than japan is less common.21.the first day of english is also difficult to understand, when people are very impatient in english conversation.22.tourist attractions almost no staff speak japanese.

23.this may also be why the japanese do not like to go to china on vacation.24.someone on the shopping street shows and sells toy planes.25.toy planes fly over people's heads.26.restaurants generally hit 10 pm.27.some restaurants look very dark environment.28.some restaurants black light invisible menu.29.so i had to use a cell phone to illuminate.30.xiao long bao eat never tired.the beer is all room temperature.

32.the beer in the supermarket sells for about 100 yen.33.do not understand what is written on the menu.34.i thought i was shrimp point, but the shrimp is brought up.35.but for the first time i know shrimp can also be so delicious.36.fried rice unusual delicious.37.my recent mantra was"if this kind of fried rice is eaten in japan, 1,000 yen?"38.people often horn.39.i totally do not understand the need for such a frequent whistle.40.traffic lights for pedestrians only for reference.41.motorcycles and electric hand walking non-motorized vehicles.42.people riding motorcycles and electric cars do not light helmet.43.bike is very quiet, when it appears behind you scary.44.walking dogs do not use dog chains.45.shanghai cloudy, almost can not see the top of the skyscraper.

46.there is a feeling of exposure to god luo shencheng in final fantasy 7.47.review your journey, take a look at the map, feel almost did not go to where.48.china is really big.49.i feel no matter how many times, i still can not fully understand it.50.china let you know the world.every journey will have a pleasantly surprised or frustrating experience.just as the journalist's trip to china is both positive and negative, this is the direct impression that a japanese journalist first made in china.share it and let more people see this interesting article!


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