cross apec | leaders show the most dazzling ethnic style come quickly to see what to wear in vietnam

vietnamese shirts unveil 2017 apec local time november 10-11, the asia pacific economic cooperation(apec) the 25th informal leadership meeting was held in da nang, a coastal city in central the apec meeting in da nang, leaders of apec members, dressed in traditional silk blouses from vietnam, shooting"family portrait."

vietnamese shirt

as a"national ceremony", the clothing on a bamboo plate give the leaders of the meeting.tops made of fine silk, after weaving by hand, ivory and blue two colors to choose from.ivory silk color, blue symbol of peace.

in 1993, the first informal meeting of apec leaders was held in seattle, the united states.leaders of all economies do not wear a suits, nor do they wear suits, accompanied by aides and translators.since then, during the annual apec leaders' informal meeting, host hosts usually provide specially-produced local traditional costumes to leaders of participating parties.while celebrating the traditional culture of the hosts, they also embody the concept of"big family in asia pacific".

in 2006, the apec leaders' informal meeting was held in vietnam.that year, the leaders of various economies wears are the traditional vietnamese clothing-audrey.contrast this year's shirt, two more vietnamese style

what kind of small partners prefer?


<> hanoi, vietnam:audrey


"audrey"is a silky gown, chest sleeve cut very fit, open both sides of the female version to the waist, the lower body with a horn trousers.male version of"ao dai"on both sides of the fork, the length below the knee, ankle and above, which lined with, green, red, yellow, pink 5 colors for the leaders to choose from, of which the most popular blue.

next, please collect the most inventory of the history of the album,

see leaders have interpreted what the"most dazzling ethnic style"it! 25-year apec leaders' clothing show to"wear"2016 lima, peru:featured shawl


the shawl is made from the best fabric from peru-alpaca.


manila, philippines:barron



made from pineapple leaf fiber.according to the characteristics of different economies, embroidered different patterns.


beijing, china:new innovation

new innovations

clothing using traditional chinese technology.


bali, indonesia:andek

andek<"andean"is a unique bali weaving process, all the manual production process, each apparel at least three weavers hand-knit, took about a month to complete.2012, 2011, 2010

the three sessions were held in vladivostok, russia, hawaii, usa, and yokohama, japan respectively.there was no uniform at the conference.


singapore:linen collar tops

linen collar tops

charan shawl

chalcedon with alpaca wool shawl is the peruvian andean indians traditional national costumes.


sydney, australia:driza-bone coat

driza-bone coat

coat was first worn by australian sailors, waterproof fabric.coat in brown, with a cloak, collar color red ocher, dark blue, mustard yellow, eucalyptus green, representing the australian inland desert, coast, sun beach and plants.


busan, south korea:tolu magee


coat"tulum maggie"collar was v-shaped, length and knee length.colors include gold, brown, silver, blue, green and so on.female leaders can also choose pink and purple.


santiago de chile:chamanto


hood shawl"charmoto"is a traditional chilean clothing, woven with traditional indigenous law, work stress, each piece of the shawl patterns vary.


bangkok, thailand:thai silk clothing

thai silk clothing

thailand prepared for the leaders of thai silk made of national costumes.


mexico city, mexico:guayabella

abelapa"guayabella"white shirt is hot in mexico, especially in the southern part of the country, the yucatan men wear clothing.


shanghai, china:tang suit

tang suit

this tang suit jacket and shirt two.brocade satin brocade chinese pair of lapel jacket, red, green, blue, coffee, dark red, black 6 colors, detailed hand-trimmed, antique panflower new york, quite oriental charm.


brunei darussalam:blue malay shirt

malay blue shirt

malay blue shirt with great brunei characteristics, brunei people generally attend important ceremonial clothing.the color is generally white, blue and other single color.


auckland, new zealand:uniforms


made in new zealand quality wool, this"uniform"includes a sailboat jacket, a long-sleeved polo shirt and a pair of black pants.


kuala lumpur, malaysia:batik printed shirt

malaysia provided similar clothes to the batik shirts of indonesia in 1998.shirts varied patterns, colorful, very tropical.


vancouver, canada:leather jacket

leather jacket


handsome aviator leather jacket.


subic philippines:barron

barron philippine national dress hand-woven from pineapple fiber-"baron".


osaka, japan:uniformed clothing

although tradition, but there are exceptions.such as the 1995 meeting in osaka, the leaders did not wear japanese national costumes.

1994 bogor, indonesia:batik printed shirt

when indonesian president suharto gave each leader a batik-a batik printed shirt.

editor:lin yue zheng xiaoyi wang fengfeng xu jiangshan du jian tang zhiqiang wang shen wu zheng

photo source:xinhua news agency conference website

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