south korea stir yellow japan's conspiracy: wen yin practice promises to win an invitation to visit china

the united states gathered three aircraft carrier battle groups ready for military exercises in the high seas east of the peninsula from november 11 to 14.according to japanese media, japan has formally discussed the issue of military exercises held by the united states, japan and south korea, but was opposed by south fact, japan, like a dogleg, has long been accused in the presence of the u.s.leader saying"koreans can not rely on it."however, overseas explorers found that the shameful anger of japan confirms the correctness of the article.according to media reports, due to south korea's public refusal to strengthen military relations with japan, the original the four-day u.s.-japan-rok joint military exercises officially ended in defiance of the four-day military exercise.south korea's military spokesman publicly stated on november 9:south korea did not participate in the"u.s.-japan-rok exercises"plan, and did not explain the reason.however, sources confirmed that this is the first concrete measure that the rok will carry out its"three non-commitments"with the thaad issue has just eased, the rok is determined to abide by the promise that"the united states, japan and south korea will not have their security cooperation become a military alliance."in his interview on november 10, rok ambassador to china lu confided with confidence that"the relations between the two countries walked out of the dark tunnel."although all cooperation and exchange can not be resumed immediately, both countries realize existing obstacles should not hinder the existence of bilateral interests.not only refused to hold joint exercises with japan, south korea also denied abe's submission the"indo-pacific strategy."on november 8, the u.s.-rok joint statement stated that"the alliance between the united states and south korea is the axis through which the indian ocean and the pacific region prosper and stabilize."however, the wen-yin government did not agree with this.cheong wa dae claimed that"disagree".cheong wa dae economic adviser also said:"south korea does not need to join japan to build the indian ocean-pacific front."prior to this, when rok foreign minister kang kyung and south korea's parliament queried on october 30, he said publicly that there has been no change in south korea's position of not joining the u.s.anti-missile system; south korea has not considered the additional deployment of the thaad system; and south korea, the united states and japan will not develop into a"korea-us-japan military alliance".as early as september at the un general assembly, wen yinyin elaborated on the korean side:the united states and south korea are allies, but not south korea and japan.the heart of the military alliance is a joint military exercise.the rok military exercises are in line with the demands of the koreans, but will not be accepted if the japan self-defense forces conduct military exercises in the territorial waters and airspace of south korea through the united states, japan and south korea.what's more, the military alliance will also provide the basis for the entry of the japanese self-defense forces into the peninsula, and the koreans who have suffered the decades-long japanese aggression strongly oppose it.south korea continuously stir yellow japan's two conspiracies, no doubt abide by the promise, and the promise will be rewarded.wen yin's harvest is:formally been invited to finalize the december visit to china.moreover, the two sides also conducted in-depth communication and discussion on the future development of the two countries and decided to step up strategic dialogue at all know, wenyin's wish is to be able to raise the bilateral relations as a"pragmatic strategic cooperative partnership."at a pyeongchang olympics in 2018, south korea will welcome at least a high-level is noteworthy that the high-level meeting between the two sides for up to more than 50 minutes, more than double the scheduled for abe, he also wants to achieve high-level exchange of visits between china and japan, as well as face to face"2018 mutual visits"requirement.however, abe's response was"the key to improving sino-japanese relations lies in mutual trust."this tactic has hit japan's throes.abe's government, while wrestling on the issues of history, the oceans and the taiwan province, while trying to gain political resources through mutual visits, is undoubtedly a whimsical can be said that abe's request received a cold reception, which is also a self-inflictedness on the part of the japanese side.what is very annoying is that just meeting with the leaders of the great powers and abe's next meeting with taiwan and taiwan representatives confirmed that the nature of japan's cruelties will not change easily and that all lies.the same is the high-level meeting, the results obtained by south korea and japan are completely different, abe must have been very lost.of course, the fight is not limited to addition to the tpp(or change a vest cptpp) exist in name only, abe has also been putin's attack.russian president sues wogo prime minister:in the short term, signing the"russo-japanese peace treaty"is no problem.some problems will take a long time to be solved.visitors believe that russia has explicitly rejected abe's attempt to use the jin and yuan policies and investments in exchange for the"south kuril islands."after three blows, abe's face did not know whether it was sour.abe frustrated, trump did not come to comfort, but salt in the wound.on november 11, trump even dubbed abe a back roll over the golf course"more exciting than any professional gymnast"and asked"is not that stunning?"the netizen compiled a dialogue based on the matter:

abe:are you my brother ah?

trump:presumptuous, i am your father! unlike jedi japan, savvy south korea calculates profit very accurately and captures trump has also benefited from the improvement of sino-u.s.relations, the two great powers on both sides of the pacific will maintain their mutual trust and cooperation for some time.this will also relieve the strategic pressure from south korea and maintain a certain diplomatic toughness and flexible.trump's concern is not to use south korea to curb the rise of big powers, but wen also understands that concession and goodwill at this time right time, be sure to grasp, so firmly seize the opportunity.moreover, the united states and japan do not develop into a military alliance between the three kingdoms, can be described as a stone two birds.on the one hand, they can win the trust of big powers and on the other hand, they can help ease tensions, prevent northeast asia from further sinking into"cold war"and help south korea seize the initiative.wen yoo-yin repeatedly emphasized that"no one is allowed to move without south korea's consent."in fact, south korea has conducted its review and pledges under the precondition of being able to afford it and its own country.however, all in all, anti-japanese koreans are the most lovable, and they can also allow the chinese people to temporarily forget those unpleasant things.wen also need to continue in hard work!(end)

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